"I say this with all sincerity, Sigma Chi has given me favor and distinction."
~excerpt from The Sigma Chi Creed - George Ade, Class of 1887

A History of Being First at Purdue

Bernie Sergesketter and Jim Dora, both Significant Sigs, discuss Sigma Chi's long history at Purdue.


Sigma Chi’s Delta Delta Chapter at Purdue has a long and illustrious history. Sigma Chi received its charter on March 1, 1875. As Purdue’s first fraternity, it was forced to fight a lengthy legal battle against the University. In 1882 the Indiana Supreme Court ruled in the Purdue Case, that fraternities had the right to exist at Purdue. As Sigma Chi fought in the courts to eliminate Purdue‘s anti-fraternity pledge that banned any incoming student from joining a fraternity, Sigma Chi continued to initiate new members in secret meetings held in Lafayette. In honor of these brothers, known as subrosa initiates, Sigma Chi brothers do not wear their "ΣΧ" letters on campus.


In 1912 one of Sigma Chi‘s and Purdue‘s most notable alumni, George Ade, led the fund raising and building campaign to construct the first fraternity chapter house at Purdue. It is located on a high hill overlooking the Wabash River east of campus. After undergoing timely renovations over the years, the original chapter house is still the home of our Fraternity today. It‘s most recent renovation in 2007 brought the facility up to today‘s codes and standards and remains the most impressive chapter house on campus.


Significant Sig Award

Forty Delta Delta Alumni have been recognized with our Fraternity’s Significant Sig Award for outstanding achievement in their professional lives. Currently Delta Delta has more Significant Sigs recognized than any other Sigma Chi chapter. See Significant Sigs for more on these brothers.

Order of Constantine

Those chosen for Order of Constantine have been recognized for their extraordinary commitment and involvement with Sigma Chi’s international organization and undergraduate chapters. Five Delta Delta brothers has received this honor.

  • George Ade, 1887
  • Frederick Scheuch, 1893
  • Allen Menke, 1944
  • Bernie Sergesketter, 1958
  • Tom Leslie, 1968
  • Philip Steele, 1977
  • Keith Krach, 1979
  • Tom Trotter, 1981

International Sigma Chi Fraternity

Grand Consuls

  • George Ade, 1887, 14th Grand Consul
  • Frederick Scheuch, 1893, 30th Grand Consul
  • Keith Krach, 1979, 64th Grand Consul

Sigma Chi Foundation

  • Gregory Harbaugh, 1978, Sigma Chi Foundation CEO

Purdue University Buildings named after Delta Delta Sigs
  • Ross – Ade Stadium (George Ade, 1887)
  • McCutcheon Hall (John T. McCutcheon, 1889)
  • Tarkington Hall (Booth Tarkington, 1893)
  • Brees Student Athlete Center (Drew Brees, 2001)

Purdue Sports Notables
  • Bob DeMoss*, football
  • Paul Hoffman*, basketball
  • Keith Carter*, Olympic swimmer, All-American
  • Hank Stram*, football and baseball
  • Bob Friend, baseball
  • Bob Griese*, football All American
  • Dave Schellhase*, basketball All American
  • Mark Herrmann*, football All American
  • Jim Everett*, football
  • Drew Brees*, football All American

* Members of Purdue Athletics Hall of Fame

  • Frederic Miller, NASA top administrator for Apollo missions
  • Greg Harbaugh ’79 (Astronaut on four Space Shuttle missions)